Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

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Have you been struggling with uncomfortable night’s sleep? Then Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper is your perfect solution. This topper is designed to provide a royal, cradling comfort. It has been thoroughly tested to meet and exceed US healthy standards. This ventilated memory foam mattress topper is odor neutral; thus eliminating the need to air out before use. The Sleep Joy can be put onto of a new or old mattress, and this is a great way of cutting expenses of purchasing a new mattress. Turn your rough mattress into a luxurious bed by simply using this memory foam topper!

The ventilated memory foam mattress topper has won hearts of many users. In this post, we shall look at the all its feature; thus giving you a limelight before you make a decision.

This topper has numerous benefits. It has been manufactured with comfort in mind and it has the ability to reduce pressure points hence relieving you from all body pains.

Sleep Joy 2 inch Visco


  • It is odor neutral. Therefore, you will not have to air out before use; also, any smell produced will not harm.
  • The Sleep Joy is very durable. It retains its condition and shape for a long time thus offering you a long term cozy sleep.
  • This topper greatly reduces pressure points to relieve your shoulder, back, and head pains. Thus, its use will prevent health complications associated with such pains.
  • It is safe to both the user and the environment. Having been made in the US, the ventilated memory foam mattress topper doesn’t produce ozone substance.

Features and Specifications

Sleep Joy 2 ViscO2 width=
Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Ventilation

The Sleep Joy topper is made from a breathable material. This material increases air flow to make hygiene and healthy sleeping environment. The ventilation system ensures you don’t sweat when sleeping. It also eases your breathing because there is no pressure exerted to your chest.

  • Odor Neutralization

Some toppers produce unbearable smell! The Sleep Joy topper features odor-neutralization mechanism to eliminate the need for airing out before use. This topper is designed to adapt immediately to your bedroom. It is made for all people who want to avoid the smell produced by many toppers during the first days of use. The Sleep Joy memory foam topper will also not transfer any unpleasant smell to your beddings.

  • 2-Inch Thickness

The ventilated memory foam mattress topper has a perfect thickness to suit your sleep needs. It is perfect for people of different weight. The 2-inch thickness is meant to offer you comfort whether sleeping at night or just resting on your bed. You will always appreciate the beautiful feel of laying on this topper.

  • Safe for both the user and the Environment

The Sleep Joy memory foam topper has been enhanced with plant ingredients to reduce any impact on the environment. This topper doesn’t produce any ozone substances. Thus, it is very safe for use in all climatic conditions. The manufacturer also integrates high-tech features to ensure human safety and so far there have been no any health complications associated with its use.

  • Cradling Comfort

If a mattress is not comfortable, then it is not worth sleeping on! This topper doesn’t compromise comfort, and it complies with doctors recommendations.

DENOMINATIONProduct DimensionsShipping Weight
California King82 x 70 x 2 inches16.6 pounds
King78 x 74 x 2 inches18.8 pounds
Queen78 x 58 x 2 inches15.4 pounds
Full73 x 52 x 2 inches13 pounds
Twin XL78 x 37 x 2 inches11.6 pounds
Twin73 x 37 x 2 inches10.4 pounds

Pricing info: $ = Under $100 | $$ = Between $101 to $200 | $$$ = Between $201 to $300

Customer Reviews and Scores

We rate it 4.4 out of 5 stars. Most customers are satisfied with this product. Most customers say they love the cradling comfort, odor neutralization, and ventilation system.

If you purchase this topper, you will enjoy a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, you are free to return this topper if it falls apart with the first two years.

There are a few shortcomings of this topper. However, there is no any major disadvantage that may render this topper unworthy for use.


  • It may produce a slight smell that may irritate some people. But the odor will be gone within 2 to 3 days of use.
  • If mishandled, tear this topper may fall apart and hence lowering the quality of your sleep.


This ventilated memory foam mattress topper will offer you an amazingly great night’s sleep. It offers pressure relief for cozy sleep. You will also appreciate the odor-neutralizing system for a healthy sleep. If you have an uncomfortable mattress, you can try this topper to make it soft and smooth.

Sleep Joy 3 Inch
Sleep Joy 3 Inch
Sleep Joy 4 Inch
Sleep Joy 4 Inch

The topper comes with different thicknesses

  • Sleep Joy 4 Inch
  • Sleep Joy 3 Inch

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