How To Redo Your Bedroom – Few Easy Steps To Follow

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Everyone gets bore of their same looking bedroom after a month or two. Just changing the bed sheets and placing and replacing the things, don’t capture the whole game. You have to change its look completely  like a new room.

If you are among one feel your bedroom needs a retouch, then this article is perfect for you. We are here to give you some very easy and amazing tips to enhance makeover in your room.

So, if you are ready to change the looks of your room.  Follow the following guide, that will work for you!

First – clean all the dust and webs on ceilings and floors.

Phase 1:

  • Play some music that can keep you awake and activated. Play some loud and rock music, such music can keep you enthusiastic while clearing your room
  • Now, open all the windows and ventilators to allow the fresh air to come in. Perform this cleaning process in day. If you are doing it in night, turn on all the lights and lamps to enlighten your room properly cleaning window
  • Change the location of your bed. Rotate your mattress and clean it inside and outside properly. Use some cleaning agent for such purpose
  • Put all the items like cabinets, chairs and rugs outside your room. This will provide you enough space for cleaning of your room
  • Now brush out the floor of your room. Clean your bed and dust out its sides and back
  • Open the cabinet of clothes. Separate those clothes that need to be ironed. Hang your ironed clothesbook shelf bedroom
  • Now clear your book shelf. Separate those books which you read – rarely. Place those books in separate shelf – which you read frequently
  • Now it’s time to manage your dressing table. Before this dust out your mirror. Now, arrange all your perfumes and body sprays in one coroner and cosmetics in other corner. It’s better to put everything in separate boxes
  • Now take a break for 10 – 15 minutes and start placing everything in its place!
  • Try to arrange things back to its position in a new way so you can feel a new look totally. Try to change position of every object and element.

Phase 2:

Now, consider the following factors:

  1. Budget
  2. Wall art and painting
  3. Change your furniture
  4. Carpets and rugs
  5. Addition of lamps
  • Estimate your budget and buy essential thingswall art
  • Try some wall art. Invite your friends to help you. Change the color theme of your walls. Try some dark tone colors like red and peach etc
  • Now, change some furniture of your room. Try some light and nice looking furniture.
  • Change the rugs and carpets of your room. Change the curtains of your room and use some color contrast in curtains and rugs
  • Adding lamps can change the looks of your room

Now, look around your room – see and observe, if any area still need some extra attention! Spray your room with some cool scented freshener. You are done with your task.

Well done, for your great job!

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