Redecorate Your Boudoir Each Season to Have a Gorgeous Home

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Create an Elegant Holiday Boudoir for the Holiday Season

While you are updating other areas of your home for the holiday season, consider redecorating your bedroom to create a feeling of festivity. Because the temperatures are cooler at this time of year, you need to have heavier bedding and draperies to remain warm and cozy. You can choose a winter theme for a boudoir rather than decorating with bright red and Christmas green but can still create a holiday feeling.

Great color choices for this time of year are deep burgundy with touches of gold. Select a heavyweight comforter or bedspread made of quilted fabric that is a combination of gold and burgundy for the bed, and hang draperies made of the same fabric.

To make the gold standout in the boudoir, add these accessories:

• Gold picture frames with family photographs
• Artificial floral arrangements with burgundy flowers in gold vases
• Lamps with gold colored bases

Welcome Spring with a Freshly Decorated Boudoir

As winter begins to end, it is time to welcome spring in your boudoir with bright and cheerful decor that makes it easier to wake-up in the morning. Take down the heavy draperies you hung before winter, and hang lightweight curtains with a floral print on a white background.

Choose the color you like the best from the curtain’s fabric to buy a complementary bedspread and linens for the bed. To bring the outdoors inside, hang artificial strands of lush green ivy along the tops of artwork, mirrors and picture frames on the walls.Spring bedroom

Add these decorative elements to a boudoir in the spring:

• Small handmade wicker baskets filled with potpourri or rose petals
• Bring beautiful houseplants into the space
• Place lamps with yellow bases on nightstands next to the bed

Prepare a Boudoir for Hot Summertime Weather

You will want to open the windows in a bedroom in the summer to enjoy the warm breezes, and to help air flow better, use window blinds and sheer curtains. To make a boudoir seem cooler on the hottest days of summer, switch to using blue linens and bedspreads with embellishments of white.

With crisp white furniture in a boudoir, you can change the accessories and bedding in your boudoir at anytime and the nightstands or chest of drawers will still match.Summer bedroom

For an easy way to bring summer into your boudoir, add these objects:

• Clear bowls or vases filled with seashells
• Scented candles with a seaside fragrance
• Family photographs of visits to the beach

Decorate a Boudoir for the Cool Autumn Season

When autumn begins, it is time to change a boudoir’s ambience with different colors and decorative elements. Now is the time to place neutral colors of bedspreads and linens on beds.

Great colors to choose are chocolate brown, deep camel or light tan, and it is possible to mix and match these tones. Bring an autumn motive into a bedroom with murals or hanging artwork that depicts brightly colored leaves.Autumn bedroom

To create a feeling of autumn in a boudoir, add these elements:

• Straw wreaths covered with red, orange and yellow leaves
• Press real leaves inside picture frames to hang on the walls
• Place small gourds and pumpkins on bedside tables

Plan Carefully to Change a Boudoir Each Season

With careful planning, you can redecorate a boudoir in only a few hours each season. It is simple to store the seasonal items in plastic storage containers placed inside a closet. Changing your boudoir each season makes it more welcoming, relaxing and beautiful at the same time.

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