MILLIARD 2″ Gel Memory Foam Topper & Removable Bamboo Cover Review

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Why spend a lot of cash to replace your old mattress? The MILLIARD 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper & Ultra Soft Removable Bamboo Cover featuring a Non-Slip Bottom is an affordable way to upgrade the quality of your sleep. This memory foam topper gives you a healthy sleep because it has orthopedic and therapeutic qualities. It also features quality comfort and support aspects to offer you a great sleep. You will appreciate the open cell technology that allows free air flow to help lower your body temperature hence giving you a cozy night’s sleep. The MILLIARD 2-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper is guaranteed to offer you a luxurious rest.MILLIARD 2 Inch Gel


Many users love this foam mattress topper due to its unbeatable features and advantages.


  • It contours to your body shape to offer a comfortable sleep and ensure you sleep without turning and tossing.
  • This topper complies with doctor’s sleep recommendations since it has both Orthopedic and therapeutic qualities.
  • It is designed from high-quality materials to ensure durability; thus you will enjoy a long term comfortable sleep.
  • It helps lower your body temperature offering you a great sleep due to the open cell technology.

Features and Specifications

MILLIARD 2 inch Gel width=
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Comfort and support

This topper is designed to offer you the comfort and support that you have been missing! It quickly makes your uncomfortable mattress cozy improving the quality of your sleep. When you sleep, it contours to your body shape to ensure you sleep without turning and tossing. It is a topper that will ensure you don’t disturb your sleeping partner. The MILLIARD 2-Inch Mattress Topper is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, and thus it offers relief to asthma and allergy sufferers. Therefore, you will be comfortable when sleeping on this topper.

  • Orthopedic and Therapeutic Qualities

Resting on your mattress is a great way to relieve your body pains. However, some mattresses are very rough especially old spring mattress. The topper MILLIARD 2-Inch has both Orthopedic and therapeutic qualities, just what the doctor recommended! It relieves back, shoulder and neck pains by reducing pressure points. This topper will help you to heal quickly because of its abilities to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis and even stress. It is an ideal topper for all people who want to avoid morning body pains.

  • 2-Inch Thickness

The MILLIARD 2-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper features 2 inches thickness. Whether you want to improve the quality of an old or a new mattress, this thickness is perfect. When resting or sleeping on your bed, you will love the firm and soft feel of your mattress. It is designed for use by the whole family.

  • Open Cell Technology

This memory foam topper features open cell structure. The foam cell has pores that trap air inside. When you sleep, the cells are compressed and the trapped air spreads – it is displaced between the adjoining cells, therefore, improving airflow to help reduce body temperatures. Thus, you will not sweat when sleeping.

  • Cooling 

Some mattresses become very warm at night. This warmth is sometimes a major cause of rushes in young children and also in some adults. The MILLIARD 2-Inch foam topper features a high-tech that has perfect cooling effects. The gel beads infused in this topper induces the heat to disappear from your body rather than building up in your mattress topper or mattress. This cooling aspect assists in maintain your normal body temperatures. It also helps to control sleep temperature.

  • Durable

Before you make your final decision on any topper, durability should be in your mind. This topper uses memory foam manufactured from high-quality materials; thus ensuring a long-term use. You will appreciate the ability of this topper to hold in place for long.

DENOMINATIONProduct DimensionsShipping Weight
King78 x 74 x 2 inches23 pounds
Queen78 x 58 x 2 inches18.6 pounds
Full73 x 52 x 2 inches15.2 pounds

Pricing info: $ = Under $100 | $$ = Between $101 to $200 | $$$ = Between $201 to $300

Customer Reviews and Scores

We rate it 4 out of 5 stars overall. It is a great topper with some reviewers commenting on the unique technology that increases air circulation and enhances weight distribution offering a more restful sleep. Some customers have questions on whether this topper emits any toxic and ozone substances, according to the manufacturer; it meets international environmental and user safety standards.


  • It comes with an overwhelming toxic smell that may cause headaches to some users
  • It slides over the bed. Ensure you adjust it well to avoid the sliding effect.


The MILLIARD 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper has only a few disadvantages that can’t outweigh its superb benefits. It features a high-tech design that causes effective cooling and air circulation. If you face anybody pains, this topper may be the perfect way to give you a healthy sleep since it reduces pressure points. Above all, you will love its ability to offer a comfortable and supportive sleep.

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