Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

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If there is an old mattress you have at home that has been worsening in condition, becoming saggy at the corners, but is something that you do not want to get rid of, then we have the answer for you! You need not discard it! The gel memory foam mattress topper is a very effective product that infuses new life in to your old mattress and gives you a peaceful and healthy sleeping environment at night. These mattresses are also filled with gel beads. Now this gives them an edge over the ordinary mattress toppers.

Gel is a substance that brings in the cooling effect in the mattress. It facilitates ventilation, distribution of heat and thus keeps the temperature under control. Now, we have compiled a list of the best gel memory foam mattress toppers for you. You can go through these, do your little research and narrow down your choices on the purchase. Each of these products will guarantee you specific features and it is all up to you to decide.

Best Selling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Toppers 2018

MILLIARD 2 inch Gel
MILLIARD 2" Gel Infused Mattress Topper

4.6 / 5
4.6 Stars

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Sleep Innovations 4-Inch
Sleep Innovations 4" Dual Layer ( Gel
Memory Foam & Plush Fiber ) Topper

4.5 / 5
4.5 Stars

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LUCID 2.5 Inch Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Removable Bamboo Cover 3-Year Warranty
LUCID 2.5" Gel Memory Foam & Removable Bamboo Cover

4.0 / 5
4.1 Stars

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Beautyrest 3-inch
Beautyrest 3" Gel Memory Foam & Waterproof Cover

4.3 / 5
4.3 Stars

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Top 5 Recommended Gel Memory Foam Topper

1. MILLIARD 2 Inch Gel Infused Mattress Topper

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

This product is known to give you the perfect combination of therapeutic solutions and comfortable sleeping environment. The first part is assured by the gel memory foam. This is made from the highest quality of memory foam so that you are living with a long lasting and durable product. This is sure to stay with you for years. The mattress foam also has healing properties. It helps in the reduction of pressure points and that is a big plus for the product. Joint pain, muscle pain and even arthritis are some of the problems that can be effectively solved by the mattress topper.

After the first few nights of sleep, you will find a huge improvement in those nagging shoulder pains you had been having. Built with the latest technology, this mattress topper improves air circulation that takes warm air away from the body and maintains the temperature. The mattress is about 1 inch shy for a queen or king size bed, but that does not adversely affect you. The presence of the hypoallergenic properties is a big plus in keeping you safe while you sleep. Moreover, the removable cover seems to be an attraction amongst the buyers!

2. DreamDNA 2 Inch 2.5 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Why do you think more and more people are resorting to memory foam toppers these days? The answer lies in the comfort the toppers provide us with. This particular memory foam product answers a lot of problems. Memory foam has the incredible ability to reduce pressure points and contour around the body curves. The DreamDNA mattress topper is hugely beneficial in reducing any back ailments like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and the likes. Moreover, since it curves around your body, you do not need to keep tossing and turning every time you go to bed.

Without buying a new mattress, you can enjoy the cooling properties of this gel mattress topper. The gel like feeling in your mattress will also ensure you a good sleep at night. Besides, this product comes with a PURGreen certification which states that the components of this product are not harmful for the environment in any way.  The initial smell for a week or so might be the only unpleasant feature of the product. However the smell subsides pretty soon and then it is as comfortable as you can have it.

3. LUCID Gel Infused Ventilated Mattress Topper

LUCID Gel Infused
Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Made from the latest technology, this LUCID gel infused mattress topper comes with the unique property of being able to distribute heat evenly while you sleep. It captures heat from the body and the surroundings and distributes it, so that the temperature is maintained. This is also facilitated by the presence of the extra ventilation, which increases air flow and controls the temperature while you sleep. Heat flow is a rather important aspect that we often tend to ignore in these situations. We’ll also learn that this is made using open cell technology which gives a more resilient sort of a foam mattress.

With this, you can keep moving around in bed and there won’t be too many long lasting impressions on the foam material. The foam mattress will smoothly curve around the contours of the body and distribute the weight evenly without actually becoming saggy. Its natural resistance to allergens and dust mites is another big advantage for the product! Yes, the packaging odor might last a week or so, but it doesn’t bother you for too long, pitted against the benefits of the product.

4. Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam Topper

Sleep Master Gel
Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

For starters this Sleep Master mattress comes with two major benefits. Firstly, it is able to extend the life of your old mattress. Sometimes, you find that the old mattress has weakened in condition and has become saggy in some areas. Using this mattress topper is a great way of instilling new life on to it. You do not have to throw the old one. All you need to do is just put this atop the former. Secondly, the mattress topper ensures you a comfortable, healthy and peaceful sleep every night. The gel beads provide a slightly cooler surface for the mattress by removing the increase of temperature. This is achieved by heat distribution in the product.

The memory foam mattress topper is infused with Evergreen and ActivCharcoal, both natural sources used for keeping the mattress odor free at all times. The bio foam with natural seed oil reduces the use of petrol based chemical oils. This can have a huge positive impact on the environment. The CertiPUR-US Certification speaks volumes of the product. With easy unpacking mechanism and the lack of odor, this product is indeed ideal for every household.

5. Serta 2.5-Inch Gel Mattress Topper

Serta Gel
Our Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

This forms the last entry in this list and promises to be one of the best products in this domain. Being a memory foam mattress topper, this gives you a comfortable sleeping environment. The 2.5 inch topper does great work on your old mattress. It has the right amount of hardness and softness to give you a firm sleeping surface, yet something that feels soft. But what brings the big edge to this product is the presence of the gel beads. This changes the whole functioning of the product. Temperature control is thus one of the features.

Now, the mattress cannot act as an icepack to keep your mattress cool, but what it does it facilitates heat flow and the increased air circulation prevents the temperature from shooting up during those few sleep hours. This gives you a comfortable sleeping surface. The pressure points reduction ensures that your bodily ailments are dealt with, including back pain, shoulder pain and the likes. The initial smell takes about two weeks to completely dissipate. But once it does, this mattress topper will be a treasure to have at home. Made with the latest technology, this product is resistant to bacterial infestations and that is one of the reasons why this has gained so much importance in the recent times.

Benefits of the Infused Gel

Now you might wonder what the purpose of the gel is in the mattress topper. We can safely say that the foam mattress topper is sufficient to take care of the old sagging mattress you have at home. You can just place this on the old one and your work is done. What then is the purpose of the gel beads? The gel beads actually have a stronger influence on the mattress topper than you would imagine. What it does best is it regulates the temperature while you sleep. Yes it cannot immensely cool down the mattress but regulates the heat content so that the temperature does not rise any further. Moreover, coupled with the mattress foam, it has therapeutic healing solutions for any sort of bone related ailments. It also prevents excess movement while you sleep, so that you are not waking up every few minutes at night. So, the presence of gel brings has a number of advantages over the normal memory foam mattress.

  • Increases heat flow, ventilation and air circulation
  • Prevents the temperature of the bed from shooting up
  • Removes excess unnecessary heat from the body
  • Therapeutic benefits- Helps in healing arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain

Memory foam, coupled with the gel beads is a very useful combination when it comes to mattress toppers. This gives you a healthy and cozy sleeping environment.

Final Thoughts

We have presented to you our list of the best cooling gel mattress topper around, focusing on the importance of the infused gel beads. We hope this will help you decide which one is the ideal product for you.

Give your family peaceful nights of sleep every single day with these mattress toppers. Along with therapeutic solutions, this helps in preventing bacterial infestations and keeping your bed safe.

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