10 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress

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Is it the time to get a new mattress? If you have an old sagging mattress, then you should consider purchasing a new one. There has always been a challenge selecting the best mattress due to the numerous models available in the market. Ironically, all companies claim to produce the best. However, if you are in this situation, worry no more! We have provided a detailed mattress buying guide to make the choosing process simple, enjoyable and fun. These are the factors to consider in a mattress.

1. Size

Mattress size chart

There are numerous mattress sizes like Queen, King, Twin, Twin extra-long and full size bed. All these sizes are designed for specific purposes and people. So how do you determine the correct mattress size? You may consider the following: the choice mattress must be longer than your height. Also, the bed width should give you ample space to place the arms behind your head while not going beyond the mattress edge. For adults, you can consider a King or Queen size.

2. Type of Mattress

Since people are different, you may want to choose a particular type of mattress. The two most popular mattress types include Innerspring Mattress and Memory Foam mattress. Other types include latex and air mattresses.

  • Innerspring MattressesInnerspring Mattresses

These mattresses support you with their coil springs. Modern innerspring mattresses have individually enclosed coils; to makes the mattress durable and averts the coils from coming out. These mattresses may be ideal for overweight persons since they provide a firmer support, so they are easier to get in and out of.

Pros: There are numerous Innerspring Mattresses to choose. These mattresses are firm, and the price is friendly.

Cons: Some models may not have enough cushion and springs to provide you proper comfort and support. Thus, there may be mattresses whose prices don’t match their quality.

  • Memory Foam Mattressmemory foam mattress

These are the contemporary mattresses, and they are quickly becoming popular. Memory foam mattresses are built of layers of various densities of foam. The densities respond to temperature and weight. They are more comfortable since they contour to your body shape. You can also consider memory foam toppers.

Pros: These mattresses mold to your body shape offering quality support and comfort. They relieve pain and reduce pressure points. Memory foam absorbs all night movements; thus your won’t disturb your sleeping partner.

Cons: One complaint about these mattresses is that they may make you warm at night. Another minor complaint is on odor; some models come with an irritating smell, but it usually disappears after a few days of use.

3. Comfort Level

After a long day’s work, you want to rest your body. It’s very disturbing to lay your body on an uncomfortable mattress. Thus, you should consider the comfort level of a mattress before making a purchase. How do you consider the comfort level? A mattress that forms to your body shape will definitely be comfortable. Also, a mattress that doesn’t sink and sag will be comfortable.

4. How You Sleepsleep positions

Do you sleep on the side or back? Your sleeping style may be affected by the type of mattress you choose. If you sleep by side, you should choose a mattress that sinks your back and head. But your backbone should be straight. On the other side, if you sleep on your back, you should consider a mattress that sinks your back, arms and head while keeping your backbone straight. Therefore, ensure you choose a mattress that suits your sleeping style while not compromising your backbone.

5. Partner

For the sleeping partners, you should choose a mattress that accommodates both of you comfortably. Also, you should be able to sleep without disturbing your partner. So a mattress that absorbs night body movements is ideal for sleeping partners. Also, you should choose a large mattress like the queen or king size to ensure you both have ample space to stretch and turn.

6. Weight

Your weight should be a determining factor when choosing a mattress to increase the quality of your sleep. If you are overweight, you can consider Innerspring Mattress. However, memory foam mattresses are excellently designed to suit all body weight. Heavyweight people require a thick mattress. You can also consider purchasing a memory foam mattress topper. There are dual layer toppers that adapt to all weights.

7. Chronic Issues

Are you allergic to dust particles and other irritating odors? Then you should choose a mattress with mite cover and allergic proof abilities. Avoid mattresses that have a sharp smell; you can choose a green/environmentally friendly mattress.

8. Warrantywarranty

Most mattress manufacturers don’t offer a warranty. However, some manufacturers include one, two, three and even five year’s warranty. When making a purchase, check if your desired mattress has a warranty. Most importantly, if you are purchasing a memory foam mattress or topper, the warranty is very vital. You will get a replace if the mattress falls out.

9. Money-Back Guarantee

Recently, some manufacturers have started offering a money-back guarantee. If you purchase a mattress or topper, and it doesn’t suit your needs, the manufacturer guarantees to return your money. In case, you doubt that a particular mattress won’t fit your needs, it’s advisable to check if the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee.

10. Budget

How much do you want to spend on the mattress? There are numerous mattresses in the market, so you should consider one that fits your budget. There are mattresses under $100, $200, and $300, so you will get your desired model regardless of your budget. Some people tend to incline more on the price. But you shouldn’t check the price alone since some cheap mattresses may be of high quality while some expensive mattresses may be of low quality.

You can also avoid purchasing a mattress! With only a small budget, you can buy a memory foam mattress topper. Toppers make your old mattress more comfortable and increase the quality of your sleep. It’s important to note that memory foam toppers have the same features as memory foam mattresses. They contour to your body shape, reduce pressure points, and relieve body pains like back, shoulder and chest pains. Thus, they are ideal for therapeutic purposes.

With the above buying guide, you will be able to make a wise choice. Remember not to be inclined on the price alone, consider the quality and features.

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