Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain Reviews & Top Picks 2018

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A good sleep is a must for a healthy and alert mind, and the most essential thing to ensure this a good sleeping mattress topper. Yes, a good mattress topper, helps to provide lasting comfort to your body, and keeps your posture in position, that there is little tossing and turning during the sleep, thus providing you a good sleep night. The added advantages of using a mattress topper are that it also reflects heat and keeps your body at an optimum temperature, helping you not only get a good sleep, but also drastically reducing the occurrences of body aches due to sleeping disturbances. These are available with different densities, weight, and number of layers. This essay helps in understanding the different types of best mattress topper for back pain and guides the user to make a wise choice about their purchase according to their needs.

Best Type of Mattress Topper for Back Pain

Talking about the best types of mattresses for back pain, we will primarily focus on the three types that is most user friendly, and are popularly used to provide sleeping experience as well as one that is free from any discomfort such as any kinds of body aches.

  • Memory foam mattress topper

Memory Foam Material

The first one under this discussion is the memory foam mattress topper. These help cushioning your mattress a little more than usual. These toppers come in three different sizes, two inches, three inches and four inches. While the two inch topper provides medium pressure and relieves your body from back pain and neck pain, the three inch one is the one that most people end up buying and the four inches one are a bit too large in size and is apt for people weighing more than two fifty pounds. The two inch topper provides average relieving comfort and is also the least expensive one. However, given that you buy a good quality one the size is really not a consideration. The three inch one is known to provide excellent comfort to its users and also features the concept of pressure pointing to keep your joints free of any body ache. The four inch one however, is one of the most expensive ones, and provides the ultimate level of support and comfort. This makes it very user friendly and is certainly a good buy if you are planning to go camping and need one to sleep on the ground.

  • Gel mattress topper

The next is the gel mattress topper, which has a gel filling inside the mattress cover that makes it so good to sleep on. The mattress topper lets you sleep at an optimum temperature and release the extra amount of heat, owing to its characteristic feature of the composition of gel fillings. It helps to induce a deep, and pain free sleep, and provides lasting comfort to your body. The usage of this topper also helps to extend the life of your mattress. Another added advantage on the purchase of this topper is the fact that this keeps your mattress dust and mite free.

  • Latex mattress topper

The latex mattress toppers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and means of comfort, and can be useful for a range of purposes. A latex mattress topper can be put to use according to your requirement of a soft or firm mattress, be it anything, the latex mattress provides it to you, as it can be adjusted in such a manner. This is owing to its specificity that contains two layers of variable densities. It provides constant support to your back relieving it from any kind of pain, and keeps your body in a cradle position. It adjusts itself according to the movement of the body making sure that there is little to no movement, and no disturbance in your sleep. The quality is quite high, and therefore, in accordance to that the price is not so high. The price of the topper is descent given the fact that provides so many added advantages to the user.

Here is a list of the top five most recommended mattress toppers that suits your body comfort ability and gives you a good sleeping experience:

Top 5 Recommended Mattress Toppers For Pain Relief & Bad Back

1. Memory Foam Solutions Visco Elastic 3-Inch Memory Foam Topper

MF solutions
Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

It is one of the most comfortable mattress toppers that you can get yourself. The size of it being three inches thick quickly explains the impacts of it being very firm and comfortable to sleep on, and has extra cushioning provided at the sagging areas of it. This three inch of extra support comprises of four pounds of memory foam that provides the additive feel of luxurious sleep and serves as the marketing point of the product. It is originally designed in the United States of America, and is made using environmental friendly techniques. The standards of this product exceed the PURgreen certificate levels. It is considered one of the best for back pain relief.

The memory foam cushioning is just used to reduce the points of pressure created during a sleep interval that makes a person toss and turn during the sleep. Another beneficial feature of these bed toppers for back pain is the fact that it gives a nice gel like feel that provides the perfect setting for a good tight sleep. Another advantage about the usage of this mattress pad is the feature that gives it the potency for heat reflection. This means that generally if a mattress is heat retentive, it will retain the body heat and keep the bed hot that makes it uncomfortable to sleep on during summer seasons. All these reasons make these mattress pads a good product that could help you cure your back pain, or at least provide it some extra bit of comfort that eases the pain.

However, despite being such a good product, it too has its own set of cons. Now coming to a few cons about the product, we should start by enlisting the fact that it requires a long time, close to ninety six hours to decompose the mattress fully, which is more than others. Another feature of this product that gives a negative edge to it is its smell. It is the foam that gives out this smell, and it could be slightly annoying. Another disadvantage to this scenario is the fact that even the producers of this mattress strictly forbid anyone to use it on box springs, and on usage the warranty of the product will be cancelled.

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2. MILLIARD 2-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Bed Topper

Lilliard Gel Infused Bed
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

These are those cushioned with memory foam that is covered with gel in order to provide firmness and appropriate cooling effect to its user. It makes your mattress more comfortable and is meant to give you a good night sleep and helps to ease back pain or relieve back pain. It also provides a range of thickness and density options for the users to choose from and make their selection.

Memory foam is one of the most popularly used toppers in North America. These mattresses are most popularly known for their utility in the summer season, due to their means of construction. This also makes it one of the most useful toppers to reduce back pain. Hence for people suffering from these problems, it is advisable to adhere to the idea of purchasing this mattress. These come at affordable prices, however, it also depends on the density and the thickness of the mattress. Thicker and denser mattresses not only have a longer life span but these also provide more softness to make the body comfortable and ease any kind of body ache.

Coming to the questioning of cleaning and maintaining such mattresses, is a slightly difficult part, as the mattress should be hand washed. Also it should be washed specifically at the spot that requires the bit of washing. Machine washing of such mattresses could reduce its longevity significantly. However, if you can do away with the cons, it is one of the best ones to be used to help you with your body pain relate issues.

3. DOUBLE LAYER Snuggle-Pedic Patented Viscoelastic Mattress Topper

Snuggle Pedib
Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

It is a double layer topper that has a thickness of two inches. To explain the density of the memory foam we need to talk about its density. The foam comprises of two layers that are one inches thick each and consists of four and five pounds of memory foam each that makes this apt for those seeking help from back and joint pains. It has an average density of about 4.5 pounds per cubic feet that makes it pretty comfortable to sleep up on, and thereby provides great comfort to the body.

To speak about another additive quality of this mattress it would be correct to sight the utility of its reversible feature. It solves the problem of it being either too soft or too firm. By being reversible, it means that you can adjust the density, that is face the five pounds thickness layer on top if you want a firm mattress else keep the four pounds cushion on top as it provides a softer mattress. Also it is important to note that the five pounds cushion on being placed on top provides about five times more firmness than the four pound one. Also, its makers claim the fact that they use a superior quality of foam than those used by other manufactures.

Like most other toppers, this too has smell, but only very slightly. The material of the topper contains no latex, and is certified that it is free from any kind of ozone depletion materials or harmful chemicals. Such mattress toppers helps cure all kinds of shoulder pain, neck pain, hip pain, upper back pain, lower back pain by providing a good setting for your sleeping posture.

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4. Ultimate Dreams 3-Inch Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

Ultimate Dream
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

These toppers can be made tighter or softer depending on the comfort of the user. These toppers are only second to the memory foam toppers. It blends into the users body in such a manner that it gives a cradle like feel to the user, and the user feels a good sensation that is cloud like free and is also from the incidences of pressure points. This makes this topper a good one for use to those who are perpetually suffering from joint, neck and back aches. Hence that speaks for a great conforming ability for this type of a mattress. The latex is meant to provide support, but that too should be of good quality to provide adequate satisfaction to its users.

The longevity of the product is quite good owing to the presence of the latex component, and makes it durable too. However, consumers can face problems in the long run due to reasons like excessive softening or the development of body impressions. The latex also helps to make this topper almost odour free.

Although, there is a bit of odour associated with this topper as all the many others, however, its far less from the memory foam type and unlike the memory foam type, it contains almost negligible amount of initial odour. These come with another useful benefit to the user, and that is these are very easy to clean and maintain. This means that in the need of the hour they can be hand cleaned or steam cleaned, and the usage of a cover is advisable as that keeps it clean and tidy.

5. Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Bed Topper

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

This is a good mattress topper with amazing support to your back that help you from any kind of body ache, be it neck or any joint ache. It is composed of a hundred percent natural latex without any composition of synthetic latex or other fillers. It is soft but also very supportive with a firmness rating as high as 20 ILD, and has an average density of four pounds per cubic feet. It is also supplemented with resistance against microbes or mites, and stays naturally cool to provide a good sleeping experience to its user by reducing chronic pain, joint pain, and lumbar pain arising from sleeping disabilities. It is designed to be extremely elastic providing a good firm support to your entire posture.

The good thing about such latex mattresses is that it’s so comfortable that the user gets a sound sleep in the night without experiencing any kind of cramps or body discomfort. Another important feature that sets the latex mattresses different from others is its feature of being hypoallergenic which makes it such a good choice for people who suffer from allergies. The latex mattresses are also provided with aerated holes that are deeply penetrated into your mattress to increase your level of comfort and ease. It is also certified to contain no harmful chemicals.

Coming to its cons, the mattress could contain slights marks or blemishes which could appear only because it contains natural and no synthetic latex. However, the good thing is despite such as issue the mattress provides perfect comfort for the user, and this factor has no impact on the performance or effectiveness of it.

Hence, this article provides a good list of major types of mattress toppers, and a detailed account of the most recommended ones, that will help the buyers to purchase it according to their need or preference.

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